Plants, People and Projects
Natasha Myers, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, York UniversityPlanthroposcenes | Le Ravissement de Darwin: Le Language Des Plantes | Involutionary Momentum | Sensing Botanical Sensoria | Edenic Apocalypse meets Gardens Against Eden | Becoming Sensor | Indigenous Land Stewardship Circle
Energy Working Group, York UniversityBiofuels | Photosynthesis | Waste Energy Recycling | Low frequency radiation | Uranium Mining | Forest biomass
Dr. Astrid Schrader, Exeter University, UK (PCS Postdoc 2012-2013)Marine microorganisms | Harmful algal blooms | Temporality & Responsivity
Dr. Carla Hustak, University of Toronto, (PCS Postdoc 2010-2012)Plant encounters | Affective Ecologies | Involutionary Momentum
Duygu Kasdogan, PhD (2017), Science and Technology Studies, York UniversityDissertation: “Potentiating Algae, Modernizing Bioeconomics: Algal Biofuels, Bioenergy Economies, and Built Ecologies in the United States and Turkey” | Energy Working Group
Kelly Ladd, PhD Candidate, Science and Technology Studies, York UniversitySensory anthropology | Energetic toxicities | Sensitives | Low frequency radiation | Energy Working Group
Jessica Caporusso, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, York UniversityPolitical ecologies of sugar cane | Residues & Discards | Sensory anthropology | Energy Working Group
Stephanie Creighton, PhD Student, Anthropology, York UniversityEnergy Policy | Future-making Practices | Energy Working Group
Cameron Butler, PhD Student, Anthropology, York UniversityCirculations of Phosphorous | Land | Cultivation | Production | Energy Working Group
André Williams, PhD Student, STS, York UniversityNatureCultures | Urban Natures | Urban Planning and Policy
Kristi Onzik, PhD Candidate, UC DavisPlant Neurobiology & Plant Bioacoustics | Ecologies of Practices | Cosmopolitics
Charis Boke, PhD (Cornell, 2018)Anthropology | Medical herbalism | Plant knowledge
Xan Chacko, PhD (UCDavis, 2018)Anthropology | History of Science | Seed Banks
Heather Cruickshank, MA, Department of Anthropology (PCS MA Student 2010-2011)Carnivorous plants | Vermaculture
Andrew Schuldt, PhD Geography, University of British Columbia (PSC MA Student 2010-2011)  Honey crisp apples | The electric grid | Biofuels | Energy Working Group  
Ayelen LiberonaBecoming Sensor | Indigenous Land Stewardship Circle
Amanda White, PhDPlant Art | Sculpture & Installation
Nicole Clouston, PhDSculptures of the Ineffable | Bioart | The Microbial Sublime
Alexandra Gelis, (PhD Candidate, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, YorkU)  Media, installation, photography, interactive electronics | Plants & Ecology in Latin America
Advocacy and Activism 
Indigenous Land Stewardship CircleFundraising and communications support for this collective of Elders, knowledge keepers, community members and leaders who are fulfilling their sacred and treaty responsibilities to steward the ancient oak savannahs of Toronto’s High Park