Visit Becoming Sensor to tune into this “ungrid-able ecology” of kinesthetic images and sounds. Follow us on Instagram for updates.

This research-creation project by Ayelen Liberona and Natasha Myers was premiered at the Gladstone Hotel’s  2016 Grow Op and was be featured as an immersive, synesthetic installation at the Great Hall May 28, 2017 as part of a performance event hosted by the Canadian Association of Theatre Research and Music in the Barns.

May 28 poster.jpg

In addition to these events we are leading a series of walks through one of Toronto’s most magical remnant oak savannahs. These multi-sensory tours offers a glimpse into the deep-time of a remarkable ecology that is both in-the-making and coming undone. Guided visualizations, deep listening and close observations vegetalize participants’ sensoria, tuning them in to the savannah’s ongoing transformations in a rapidly changing world. Email for information about upcoming walks and workshops.