This research-creation project by Ayelen Liberona and Natasha Myers was premiered at the Gladstone Hotel’s  2016 Grow Op.

Visit Becoming Sensor in an Oak Savannah to tune into this “ungrid-able ecology” of kinesthetic images and sounds.

Read a draft of a new essay that builds on this collaboration and explores ways to decolonize perceptions of nature and ecological restoration projects: Becoming Sensor in Sentient Worlds: A More-than-natural History of a Black Oak Savannah

In addition to an installation in the gallery, we led a series of walks through one of Toronto’s most magical remnant oak savannahs. These multi-sensory tours offered a glimpse into the deep-time of a remarkable ecology that is both in-the-making and coming undone. Guided visualizations, deep listening and close observations will vegetalize participants’ sensoria, tuning them in to the savannah’s ongoing transformations in a rapidly changing world.